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Common Mistake: Cutting Cost By Not Hiring A Wedding Planner Early On

Let the planning begin!

"I can do this, I know my vision, what location I want and all the small details. Dedicate few hours here, vendor google here, follow ups and yup! I'm done! Then reality sinks in, its taking all of your time and balancing between work, personal life, and family is getting difficult. Hey, it's OK, I am saving money. "

Then your stuck as you have never done destination wedding planning before (especially in Hawaii) where industry pricing is different, local vendor network is critical, and time is money (time zone differences means day delays) and the stress kicks in.

Don't fall for this mistake. I have past and present clients who only hire for wedding day coordination that say "I wish I hired you sooner, even just partial." Hiring a wedding planner (WP) cuts down on overall price, saves you more time, and most importantly, takes most of the pre-wedding days stress off your hands.

Pricing varies by vendors and your local wedding planner have insight on what fits your budget. PLUS they have network vendor that you may think is out of your price range but WP have discounts that can be pass down to client. BIG SAVING! 5% here, 10% there or even up to 20% here - that means with all of the savings WP is getting for you, it's already worth every penny paid towards wedding planning services.

Time is money, the WP will only present you vendors that has been vetted out to fit your budget. That means focus, less back and forth and all the leg work done for you already. Did you know the average (no hiccup) time spent on planning a wedding is 200 hours? Yes, that is why stress slowly kicks in and work life balance take a hit.

Stress is kicking in, family & friends are now wedding planners, and relationships are feeling the strains. Let's avoid this pit fall. Having a WP as an objective adviser handles this tricky situations. The WP will filter all of the questions from vendors, friends, and family to ensure wedding focus is not derailed and executed just as you envision.

Investing in a wedding planner may seem like an unnecessary expense until you realized that it is the most valuable investment to ensure peace of mind, knowing the wedding planner cost is worth a stress free, well planned, and beautifully executed wedding day.

Always, SB Wedding - Joan

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